February 2012

Tulsa Jobs - Are You Feeling It?

In Tulsa, jobs are popping up from a variety of sources. Many companies have taken to hiring. Though they are moving slow, the move is a good one. For those who are looking for jobs in this region, there is no doubt that there is not enough positions available just yet. However, economists predict improvements several times over. If you are considering the current jobs report and wondering where the positions are, you are not alone.

Country Jobs Up

In the US, the number of jobs added to payrolls for the month of January increased substantially. In fact, the country added about 243,000 jobs to payrolls for the month. That is two times as much as what most economists predicted would occur for the month. The job increase comes from various factors, including from companies moving forward as they see an improving industry. Nevertheless, for those who are looking for jobs in this area, there is still a lot of room to go.

American Airlines Cuts To Target Tulsa Job Market


The Tulsa job market is about to take a hit and it will be a big one. The company announced that in an effort to pull itself out of bankruptcy and to create a more profitable stance, American Airlines will need to slash jobs. Many of those jobs could affect the Tulsa area. That comes as bad news to the thousands of people already out of work and actively looking in the area.

The American Airlines maintenance facility located in Tulsa could take the largest hit. There, the company has noted it could cut as many as 2100 jobs. The location is where some 6800 workers are employed who work on the mechanics and the overhaul of the aircraft. It also works on jet engines. American Airlines is the third largest airline in the United States. The job cuts are not just being made in the Tulsa area, though.