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Postal Worker Jobs in Tulsa Job Market

What is to happen if the Tulsa job market contracts even farther? It is a risk and a concern that many are dealing with today. One of the biggest risks is in the postal offices. If the Tulsa Mail Processing Center closes, it will mean a large number of people are losing their jobs in an already troublesome economic situation here in Tulsa. The center, on South Memorial is an important factor not only in jobs, though, but in the way people get mail, according to workers.

The Job Loss

If the Tulsa job market loses this processing center, it will come at a cost of 573 jobs to the area. Workers at the location are adamant about the fact that the amount of business coming through the center is up from the previous year and that should mean, they say, an increase in overall revenue. The center is also the largest processing plant in the entire area. However, none of that seems to matter at the current situation, in which there could be a deadline to close the center to cut overall postal costs.

The problem may stem from the fact that so many people are no longer sending postal mail but rather use electronic means to send information. This, and the lack of correspondence between individuals, is causing a reduced amount of mail to actually make it to the processing centers. Should the plant close, this will mean it will take longer for most people to get their mail and it could mean an increase in costs, too.