Tulsa Job Market: Economic Improvement Apparent Some Say

Tulsa Job Market: Economic Improvement Apparent Some Say

According to some experts, there are positive signs in the Tulsa job market and economy as a whole to believe that there is room for a recovery. The Bank of Oklahoma Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer says that there are positive signs in both the local and global economies that should help individuals to feel more at ease.

Jim Huntzinger, the president, stated some factors could still push things off course, including the ongoing financial crisis looming in Europe. However, there are reasons for people to see a positive change in the market.

At an annual Economic Outlook Conference, held in Tulsa, Huntzinger stated the following. "In my entire career, I haven't been faced with the possibility that an entire continent's currency could dissolve." He was speaking in reference to the fact that if steps are not taken to shore up the financial crisis in Europe, the very existence of the euro is under threat.

So, what's the good news? One thing Huntzinger says is a good sign for our own country is that the national gross domestic product is higher now that it was pre-recession. However, there are about seven million fewer jobs today than there were then. The home construction industry is significantly lower.

What's to be expected in the Tulsa job market, then? You can count on seeing signs of improvement with new jobs becoming available. However, it can take some time before the actual job levels improve significantly. If you are out of work, even this good news may seem incredibly limiting to you.

What types of jobs are you looking for in the Tulsa job market?